Sunday, August 5, 2007

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Blood Angels codex online

The latest Blood Angels codex, which had previously been published over two issues of White Dwarf, is available to download from the Games Workshop website. It completely replaces the mini-codex which was one of the oldest army lists in the game, having been written just after the introduction of 3rd edition. There were a number of rules clashes with 4th edition and the Blood Angels had a bad reputation as a power gamers list. As a long term Blood Angels player I am glad the list has been toned down, and I can now play my army without fear of accusations of 'cheese.'

In a first for Games Workshop, a FAQ has been included with the codex. It clarifies how over-charged engines work (as per the intention of the rules rather than the RAW - moving AND shooting as a fast vehicle). That's good, but the drop pod rulings aren't totally successful. They now prevent Marines assaulting on the turn they arrive but they don't force them to disembark as Marines have to do in other codexes. Mephiston's transfixing gaze is also problematic. It rules that each transfixed model becomes its own one man unit and Mephiston can only harm that one model. It drastically reduces the usefulness of the power in a way that GW probably didn't intend. Still, his other abilities more than make up for this so I think he'll see a lot of use.

Now that the codex is released in a more user friendly format I'll print myself a copy and start drawing up my first 1500 point list.

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