Sunday, August 12, 2007

NEWS: lone pilgrim web changes

The more observant of you will have noticed the changes to lone pilgrim over the past few days. In fact, if you are reading this you will have already have discovered that the way I host this blog has changed.

I really like using Blogger as my 'website.' I have struggled with other web publishing software over the years; hand coding everything in HTML, Microsoft's Frontpage and most recently Netobjects Fusion 8. With all of them, I have found that I spent more time struggling with the software than actually writing and posting gaming stuff.

Blogger is different because it is so simple. Now I can concentrate on the content not the presentation. Content is king as they say.

The only slight problem was that I was hosting Blogger on my own webspace and that meant I didn't have access to all the new 'bells and whistles' that were available to blogs hosted on Blogger's webspace. My solution was to use a custom domain so that I could use the full Blogger while not having to include the Blogger URL in my website address. Now I have accomplished this with my main site I am trying to get a dedicated Battle Reports blog created. Others will follow in the future.

Hang on tight, this is going to be quite a ride.

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