Saturday, December 8, 2007

NEW MODEL FUND: Inching forward

Christmas party season is in full swing now and I'm posting this hungover following my works bash last night. This is in a busy week of two football matches (Arsenal midweek and then Birmingham this afternoon) and two concerts (Kings of Leon and a thankfully cancelled Stone Roses tribute).

With all that behind me, I have a relatively free weekend, apart from the Ricky Hatton fight at 4am on Sunday morning (is there such a time on a Sunday?), so I want to kick on and get my Plague Marines finished by Sunday night. I also want to get the rest of the Pheonix campaign rules and background up here before my next game against Gary's Eldar on Tuesday night.

Onto the finances.

I still haven't managed to get anything on e-bay but I have doubled my New Model Fund anyway. This money came from my penny jar. Here's what it did to my finances.
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £354.36
  • Less selling fees £31.02
  • Less models bought £299.16
  • New model fund £24.18
In theory, despite having a pittance in the fund, I'm not too badly off; I have 30+ Chaos models to paint immediately then I will move on to my Blood Angels for the next 6 months. Pretty much all of those models are already bought and they are just waiting to be painted. The only other models I'm tempted to get in the short term are Super Heavies for Apocalypse. I'm currently building a Chaos Baneblade and an Imperial version for my Cadians would be sweet. I'd also like to take a shot at a Brass Scorpion.

Long term, after the Blood Angels, I plan to start my Chaos Renegades and though I have bought some Forge World resins already, this army will cost me an absolute fortune (£500+). Gulp. Still, that's six months off so I have plenty of time to invest in my New Model Fund until then.

I'm ploughing on with those old battle reports and my latest offering is this grudge match against Gary's Chaos Space Marines.

Righto, I'm off to the match then back to paint some pustules.

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