Monday, December 24, 2007

PAINTING: Tide of filth

Merry Christmas!

I'm as organised for Christmas as I can be - it's too late for anything else now - and my manflu has finally abated so I thought I'd drop by the ole blog and let everyone know what I've been up to.

I had 30+ models on the painting table and had planned to finish the lot by New Year. A week ago it seemed like there was no chance of that happening but now it's a possibility. I managed to get some painting done over the weekend and despite painting the models to a far higher standard than the rest of my Chaos army, I finished two squads. They aren't based yet so I've only taken quick snaps for now. Apologies for the poor images but the light is terrible and the flash is very harsh.

First up are the Plague Marines.

I wanted to keep away from the standard green paint scheme so I went for an off-white/grey armour. This was liberally splashed with Blood Red paint and layers of red/purple/black ink washes. I painted the metallics Boltgun metal with washes of black, brown and orange to get a rusted look. These models took an absolute age as I painted a test model first, didn't like it then painted them in the new scheme. I layered and washed everything unlike the rest of my Chaos models which were speed painted. At least they're finished now (bases apart). If they perform well on the tabletop I may consider painting more units later...

Nine Plague Bearers accompany the Plague Marines. I overbrushed a Bubonic Brown and Rotting Flesh mix over the black undercoat. I added Bleached Bone and Skull White to the mix for successive drybrushes. Then I washed them with Brown and Green ink. I next painted the swords in the same way as the Plague Marine metallics, with plenty of rust. The only other details were the teeth (Skull White), eyes (Sunburst yellow with and orange wash) and the exposed muscle (Blood Red with red washes).

It took me maybe 6 hours to finish the daemons and the results - although it might be difficult to tell from the photo - are mighty fine.

So that is seventeen models down, eighteen to go. The good news is that the remaining models should be easy to paint. Eight of them are Khorne Berzerkers which I plan to paint the classic way - red armour and brass trim. It's a scheme I've painted many variations of and enjoy painting. Nine of the remainder are Khorne daemons. In many ways they are similar to the Nurgle ones in that they have large areas of flesh with the only other details being the weapons and faces. I plan to paint them in fleshy colours with spatters of blood and then give them brass weapons. I reckon I'm looking at about 15-20 hours to complete them all.

The final model is an old school Keeper of Secrets. I'm not enamoured by the model so I doubt I'll go overboard with this. I plan to keep it quick and easy - which is probably appropriate for a Slaaneshi daemon!

Once this lot are done I can then turn my attention to Apocalypse. I've already started to put my Baneblade together and I have one other idea which I'd like to have a crack at...

Anyway, that's me for now.

My posting will be sporadic over the holiday season so I hope everyone reading this has a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.

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