Sunday, May 25, 2008

APOCALYPSE: Chaos Daemons reprise

I have decided to take my daemon prince out of this Apocalypse list and put him back into my Chaos Space Marine army. Here's the updated Chaos Daemons list.


  • Great Unclean One, cloud of flies, aura of decay, breath of chaos, unholy might, instrument of chaos
  • Herald of Nurgle, palanquin, breath of chaos, chaos icon, aura of decay
  • Beast of Nurgle, Noxious Touch
  • 9 Bloodletters, Fury of Khorne
  • 9 Plaguebearers, Noxious Touch
  • 6 Daemonettes, Transfixing gaze
Fast Attack
  • 8 Furies
Heavy Support
  • Daemon Prince, Mark of Slaanesh, instrument of chaos, unholy might, aura of acquiescence, soporific musk, transfixing gaze, pavane of slaanesh
Points: 1153

The loss of the daemon prince has reduced the final points total by almost 250 points. I see that GW has already released two data sheets for the daemons. If you haven't seen them yet you can check out the Bloodthirster Bloodbath here and the Daemonic Forge-host here.Unfortunately neither of them are useable by my army (although I could buy three Soulgrinders to bring my army to 1500 points, give me some shooting and use the datasheet...).

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