Friday, May 9, 2008

PAINTING: Keeper of Secrets

Who'd uv thunk it? I've actually manged to get some painting done and finished a model. Not only that but it is ready before the release of it's codex, not months after.

I posted some in progress pics of my Slaanesh Greater Daemon a while back and, after three hours working on the beast tonight, she is finished.

I went for the Slaanesh scheme printed in the latest White Dwarf; pale purple flesh contrasting with black cloth.

This older model (I think I bought it sometime in the Rogue Trader era) had lots of extra detailing which meant I had to use a larger palette of colours. You can see some gold on there as well as silver armour and some olive green. While I was painting these bits it made me wonder where all these daemons get their clothes, armour and jewellery from. Surely they are from another dimension and these petty things are beyond them?

I'm aware that these pics aren't the best as they were taken with a flash, without a tripod and clearly not with a decent background, but you get the general idea. It's also not the greatest paintjob or model but it is the most detailed painting I've done in an age and I really enjoyed it.

I'll be buying Codex Daemons tomorrow and I'm hoping I'll be able to field a 1500 point army without having to buy a single model. Talking to a GW staffer the other day about this model gave me some food for thought. He suggested that, because this Greater Daemon is much smaller than the current model, I use her as either a Herald or Daemon Prince. I'll certainly bear that in mind when building my army list as it will give me a few more options.

I'm now looking forward to painting my next model which will be either the Baneblade or Abaddon.

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  1. Hey you probably don't know anymore but just curious what colors did you use for the keeper of secrets