Wednesday, May 28, 2008

MODELLING: Aba-daba-doo-don...


This is just a quick update to bring you all the latest model on my painting production line: Abaddon.

He took about half an hour to construct as he is only made of six pieces and the mold lines were minimal.

I wanted to liven his base up without going too over the top so I glued on some slate and a pile of resin skulls. I also added a coil of barbed wire.

I've undercoated him with Chaos Black tonight and I plan to start painting him tomorrow night when my other half is out and about.

In other news, I got in a game of blood bowl last night and I've already written up the game report here. I played the Skaven Gutter Runners versus Gary's Hells Teef Rippa Orcs. That game was the last in week 1 of the league so you can check out the tables here.

And in yet other news I've started reading Brothers of the Snake by Dan Abnett.

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