Friday, May 16, 2008

PAINTING: Starting the Baneblade

I've had a day off work today so I've been able to indulge in some gaming activities. It's about time.

Normally I do all my computer based stuff, including updating my blogs, first and then try to squeeze in some painting later. More often than not I either get nothing painted or much less than I had thought - probably because I get sidetracked and start surf the internet. Today I dived straight in on painting my Baneblade.

The key to regaining my painting mojo was making a big effort to spend thirty minutes painting after work during the week. I drybrushed Orkhide Shade in ragged stripes over the tank on Monday night. That was it. Then on Wednesday I highlighted the green with a light drybrush of Knarloc Green. Again, not a lot. On Thursday I drybrushed Calthan Brown on the other parts of the hull. Nothing to write home about. Friday saw me highlighting that with Tau Sept Ochre. Still not much, but it all stacked up. It meant that I felt like I was getting somewhere and I didn't have it all to do today.

I was trying to match the paintjobs on my other Cadian tanks but I couldn't remember the colours I'd used for them (note to self - keep a painting diary). Instead I used the Foundation paints to approximate the colours. The green has come out pretty close although the higher pigment count means it is a lot richer. The brown stripes are much more yellow than I had expected and don't match at all. Again the colour is far richer and deeper than the regular paints, I like it, so I decided to keep it and not change it. It's a Baneblade, it's different from the other vehicles anyway so I'll not worry about it.

This morning I used Brown Ink to wash around the rivets (and there are a lot of rivets on this monster). In the afternoon my task was to re-undercoat everything but the hull with Chaos Black. This included the tracks, weapons, engine and icons. It was a laborious job but will pave the way for me to complete the tank over the weekend (I hope).

I did no painting on Tuesday night because Gary came over and we got a couple of games of Blood Bowl in. We played Dwarfs against Chaos and Dark Elves versus Undead. You can read the after match reports on my Blood Bowl blog here.

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