Sunday, July 12, 2009


With the end of my Blood Angels army painting in sight I've begun to think more and more about painting my Ork army.

I plan to paint 1500 points by August 2010 and I want to use my existing models as my core. In fact I may even be able to complete the whole army without buying a single extra model. Of course it will probably be pants on the tabletop but hey, even I can't complain about getting a whole army on the battlefield for no additional expense!

The army will be built around Ghazghkull as I already own his model. Naturally he will be accompanied by a horde of Boyz on foot. This is for three reasons; first I already own the models, second it's fluffy and third they work well with Ghaz's special rules. I own a mix of slugga boyz, shoota boyz and 'ard boyz.

I have three Mega armoured Nobz who will act as Ghaz's personal body guard.

I plan to have a second HQ choice of the Warboss from the Black Reach set. He will take to the battlefield with 6 Nobz also from Black Reach, with one free with White Dwarf. I think I have a Painboy model kicking around somewhere so I may add him to this unit.

The three Deff Koptas round out the selections from Black Reach. My second Fast Attack slot will be filled by a unit of Stormboyz I have had kicking around for an age. I believe I have eight of them.

Heavy Support will come in the shape of three Killa Kans which I'll have to dredge out of my bits box.
That should make quite a formidable horde on the tabletop. The tactics would be to advance the boyz behind the Killa Kanz and maybe the 'ard boyz for a turn or two then get Ghaz to unleash his souped up Waaagh so everyone achieves combat. The Deff Koptas and Stormboyz have the speed to act as mobile reserves plugging whatever gaps appear. Ghaz and the Warboss with their retinues would be tasked with taking down the toughest parts of the enemy army.

If I was to buy models to add to the army they would be Trukks and Battlewaggons because mechanised is the way to go in 5th edition, and Kommandos, Gretchin and Warbikes just because I like the models. I'd also like to add a Stompa right at the end for Apocalypse games.

None of those are essential by any means, though, so I may go all the way through 2010 without buying a new model as I did in 2009!

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