Saturday, July 11, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Plans and schemes

I still haven't gotten around to selling anything on eBay as I have been trying to finish off my Blood Angels army ahead of Planetstrike. In my last NMF update I mentioned I had won £150 and would put this toward Planetstrike purchases.

Well, the book was released last weekend and I bought it, along with the limited edition mines, bombs and booby traps. The Skyshield landing pad was also released but that will keep; I'll buy it along with the larger boxed sets of bastions and defence lines later on.

So out of the £150 kitty I have spent £26.75 and have£123.25 left.

Since my last NMF post GW have also announced that there will be a further Battlescape scenery piece with a ruined Rhino buried into some craters, surrounded by shredded trees. It looks great and I'd like to pick once of those up too.

With that in mind, here's what else I plan to purchase:
  • Imperial strongpoint £53.85
  • Skyshield landing pad £23.50
  • Blastscape craters £11.75
  • Battlescape £14.70
Even with the addition of the Battlescape piece I would still have around £20 spare for more scenery. I will read through the Planetstrike book thoroughly and then decide if I want to buy extra pieces themed around some of the strategems.

I've been looking at my finances in a more general sense recently and they don't make for great reading. Despite my economy drives over the past eighteen months or so my situation is still a little precarious.

Because gaming is a luxury and not a necessity it will be one of my first activities to feel the pinch. I really need to buckle down and sell some of my stockpile of models in the coming months to make a dent in my debts.

It also means I may have to sell some models I had previously planned on keeping. Prime candidates are the Catachans I recently stripped. I found I had more of the models than I had thought, many of them metal, and they may bring some much needed cash in. If things get really desperate I may have to sell a painted army too, but that will be a last resort.

Of course any money I make will still go into the NMF but as I have made a resolution not to buy any models this year the fund is largely notional at the moment. Once my finances are back in order I plan to cash in the fund and buy big!


  1. I feel your pain on the finance front. My missus recently tore a strip off me about my spending habits. What I see as important and essential spending is not necessarily what she sees.

    I look to eBay and online stores more and more to help stretch every dollar spent. But at the end of the day, the hobby is a luxury like you pointed out, and will be on a temporary spending hiatus for the near term for me.

  2. The key for me is to use the spending freeze as an excuse to paint up some of the models I already own. That way I feel good about reducing my lead pile, I can add some models to my armies and it costs me nothing.