Tuesday, July 21, 2009

PAINTING: Lemartes reporting for duty

Here is the finished Lemartes, Guardian of the Lost.

I picked the model up last year, planning to use him for the Gauntlet tournament but he arrived late from Games Workshop mail order and he has sat languishing in my games room ever since. I had thought about converting him as I don't like the look of the model but I ran out of time for the Tale of 40k Painters so I just glued him together, added a couple of extra purity seals on the jump pack and painted him up.

He was a pretty easy model to paint; I just followed what I did previously when painting Chaplain Diavolo. I did dial the blue armour highlights back a bit though, which shows in the photograph. I'm particularly pleased with the skull helmet which I blended through six stages of highlights.

So with Lemartes done I just have one model left to paint to take me up to 2000 points - the Land Raider Crusader. I plan to have it done by the end of the week.

Wish me luck!


  1. Very nice work! The highlights on the skull helmet and the aquila are flawless. For such a busy model, you did a great job making the individual details stand out without making the overall model look cluttered.

  2. Superb! The highlighting is done very well.

  3. I like the blue highlights on the black and I think this version (toned down, as opposed to the brighter ones on your Death Company) looks much better.

  4. Thanks for all your feedback!

    I just remembered to update my painting points total too.