Monday, July 27, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Chicago Games Day 2009

Games Day Chicago took place over the weekend and some news and rumours have since emerged.

On the 40k side of things:
  • Chaos Reaver Titan is being worked on
  • Legion specific Chaos Space Marine codexes still a possibility
  • Larger super heavy kits being explored
  • Trenches and rivers being looked at for RoB board
  • More plastic regiments of Imperial Guard planned
  • Dark Eldar and Necrons are still being worked on with DE arriving first
And for WFB the big news was that Chaos Dwarfs WILL be getting an update.

In general news GW will be producing regular podcasts in the future.

There was some grumbling on Warseer about the lack of meaty rumours coming out of this and previous Gamesdays. Harry, a trusted rumour source on Warseer, had this to say:

I feel quite sorry for Jervis (and all the guys in the studio) in all of this.
They are put in a dreadful position. They can't talk about the super secret mystery release. they can't talk about the next 40K release or the next fantasy release ... what can they talk about?

I have no doubt they would love to be talking about the stuff they are working on.
There is often a real buzz in the studio when the creative juices are flowing and the art guys are coming up with new concept work and the sculptors are knocking out great sculpts and the devs are thinking up great rules and background ... projects pick up momentum and soon everyone (in the studio) is talking about a a particular project and getting sucked in by the collective enthusiasm and building and painting in preparation for the release.

Now personally I feel it is a real shame that they are not allowed to share that excitement and enthusiasm with us so that we got caught up with that wave and we started building and painting like mad for a future release. I know it works for me like that. I certainly start buying and painting in anticipation of new releases even if they are 12 months away. I have been building Nids and Wolves for a while now .... and I don't even play 40K.

I honestly don't see how it hurts to say .... 'X' army is coming and no reason you shouldn't start painting 'X' troop choice because you know were still going to be including those and we have no plans to change that plastic kit. Etc.

I understand not wanting to tip their hand to the competition but are they really so bothered about the competition? I understand wanting to keep everyone focused on the stuff they have just released but I think it is a dreadful waste of the energy and enthusiasm generated within the studio to not let some of it 'seep out' into the community.

Fine, tighten up on rumours but let the creative folks in the studio talk to the customers about whatever they are most enthusiastic about ... let them infect us with their enthusiasm and generate the same excitement in the community that exists in the studio. They are currently wasting one of their biggest assets as a company. That being the very fact that everyone in the studio are mad keen hobbyists and are as excited about this stuff as we are.

If that risks one or two competitors getting a head start ... fine, let the legal department slap them around a bit.

If some customers hold off buying some stuff because they want other stuff that's coming are they really going to spend less in the long run? Most of us spend what we spend on our hobby every month regardless. (Usually more than we should! )

What do I know I have never run a business. I guess they must have numbers.

I am also not even sure that being excited about the next army stops us spending on the current army. I think it might work on the same principal as "There is no such thing as bad press". All excitement is good excitement. It is all part of being in an exciting, vibrant creative hobby. Something I am not sure the suits fully understand.

Being excited about the future is what makes us excited about the stuff that is in front of us right now. Why else would the rumour boards be So busy??? It is not like we have not all got plenty of stuff to paint. We come here to read rumours and find motivation for our current projects.

Till then .... the odd little snippet never did any harm.

I'm currently Building Space Wolves, Tyranids and Terminators for 40K
I have also started to collect another 40K army and it is not Dark Eldar OR Necrons.
Make of that what you will.

EDIT: I risk nothing. I don't work for GW and don't know anyone who does. (beyond chatting to anyone and everyone at events). I hear stuff because I listen. A scrap here a snippet there. Put it all together with a fans understanding of who everyone is and how they work and I have some idea of what is going on and in what order things are happening.

I have pulled back a bit recently on talking about stuff that is happening a ways off because I was asked not to.

But not talking about anything at all!!! ... seems bonkers to me.

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