Monday, July 20, 2009


I have loads to report on this week as I have received the latest issue of White Dwarf in the post today, and I have also gotten newsletters from GW and Forge World.

Planetary Empires
This is released on 15th August and contains 48 tiles, 96 banners, 48 other map pieces (12 power stations, 12 command bastions, 12 shield generators, 12 manufactorums) and a campaign booklet.The Hive city tiles are available separately from GW mail order and are £5 for two. They look suitably large compared to the other map pieces.

Jervis has created some strategy cards for use in Planetary Empires which will be published on the GW website.

There are two major features on Planetary Empires in WD and quite a few ideas for painting the tiles. I particularly like the Ice World version.

The Strongpoint boxed set of two Bastions and three Aegis lines came out on Saturday gone, as well as the Blastscape craters. I picked up one of each as well as a landing pad. That little lot should keep me occupied for quite some time.

Space Marine second wave
Of less interest to me were the new Space Marine Land Speeder Storm, Ironclad Dreadnought, Vulkan and Khan. None of them are available to my Blood Angels so I just walked straight past them in the store at the weekend.

How to paint Citadel tanks
Released on 1st August this is a 96 page book full of modelling and painting advice. I'm a little wary of this as I'm sure I've seen some of the sample pages in WD and on the GW website previously. I'll have to have a closer look when it is in the shops.

Hellhound and Demolisher
Both tank kits are released on 1st August. The Hellhound kit also includes the parts for a Bane Wolf and Devil Dog while the Demolisher kit allows you to construct an Executioner and a Punisher.

Black Library
The Ravenor omnibus by Dan Abnett is on sale now and contains all three previously released novels and a short story.

Emperor's Mercy was written by Henry Zou and has been pushed heavily by the Black Library; there is even a short extract in WD. I'm not sure why GW have changed their advertising strategy for this book. Is Henry Zou a new writer who needs a helping hand or are BL simply impressed by the book? I shall look out for reviews elsewhere in the blogosphere to find out.

Forge World
The latest newsletter contained information about the Ork halftrakk which will have rules in the next Imperial Armour book after the Siege of Vraks part 3.

You can also pre-order an Ork transfer sheet and a Vulture/Valkyrie transfer sheet. Everything mentioned above will be released on the 27th July.

White Dwarf
Games Workshop announced a welcome addition to their website in the form of the White Dwarf archive - a collection of PDF articles culled from the pages of old White Dwarf magazines.

And that's more than enough for one week.

Pilgrim out...


  1. You can use the Ironclad as a Furiso(sp) dread probably. Little different options but you get it in plastic for easy conversions/modification plus all those extra bits for more fun else where.

  2. Yeah I did think of that as an option.

    Given that I already own three painted Dreadnoughts and I am banking on a full BA codex sometime in the future I think I'll wait for a bit...