Sunday, February 18, 2007

Big, hairy Northmen

Stage 4
Switching from one brown to another I painted my Warriors furry cloaks. I used Scorched Brown to get a nice deep base colour. I used the same colours on the warhounds as the army background involves each Warrior killing a hound to earn his place and wearing it's pelt as a trophy.

I slapped the paint on with a fairly large brush for quickness. With not many details finished on the model it didn't really matter about precision.

Painting time: 20 mins.
Cumulative total: 2 hours 50 mins.

Stage 5
My next task was to drybrush the Scorched Brown fur with a mix of Scorched Brown and Vomit Brown (where the hell do GW get these ridiculous names from?). I did this more carefully with a smaller brush.

Around this stage I started to get the feeling that the models were coming together. A bit of colour and texture dos wonders.

Painting time: 20 mins.
Cumulative total: 3 hours 10 mins.

Stage 6
The fur is very heavily textured so it came withstand a lot of drybrushing. I decided to go for another layer to define the fur even more. I mixed more Vomit Brown and a little Bleached Bone, and lightly dusted the fur again.

Painting time: 20 mins.
Cumulative total: 3 hours 30 mins.

Stage 7
By now the fur was starting to look a little 'dusty' which often happens when you drybrush successive layers. I needed an ink wash to warm the pelt back up and tie the layers together. I used plain Brown Ink diluted with water. I also washed the boots with the same ink.

I couldn't paint anything else on the model until the ink was dry so I mixed up some Black Ink and water and liberally sloshed it over the metallics. I wasn't worried about it getting on the black armour as would just add some depth to the plates. Here is the unit as it stands now.

Painting time: 30 mins
Cumulative time: 4 hours.

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