Monday, February 19, 2007

Wear your colours with pride

Stage 8
This was a biggie, as I had to finally settle for a cloth colour for the cloaks. I've varied this throughout the army as it represents Sigurt's patchwork alliance of different tribes. While rifling through my paint collection I came across an unopened pot of Space Wolf Grey and decided to give it a try.

I was surprised at just how well it went over the black undercoat, being such a light colour. Of course it was patchy in places but I planned a heavy ink wash so I wasn't too concerned.

As you can see in the pics the bluey-grey-white provides a good, crisp contrast to the black armour. It will also make for a good canvas on which to paint their tartan clan colours.

Painting time: 30 mins.
Cumulative total: 4 hours 30 mins.

Stage 9

I had to paint the Space Wolf Grey onto the cloaks quite heavily for decent coverage and it took an age to dry. While I was waiting I decided to undercoat the shields with Chaos Black spray. I left them on the sprues for ease of painting. The other thing I had to do was construct a movement tray (why did GW have to switch from 4 to 5 in a rank?). I sawed the end off one and glued the end from another. I really need to add some sturdy plastic or card underneath to hold it together before basing it in the same way as the Warriors.

Painting/construction time: 30 mins.
Cumulative total: 5 hours.

Stage 10

When the cloaks had thoroughly dried I mixed up some Blue Ink with some Brown Ink and some water, as a wash for the cloth. I liberally applied it all over with a thick brush.

As you can see it makes quite a difference to the overall colour as well as shading the recesses. Of course it is blotchy in places but I'll just go over the raised areas with a highlight layer later on. Also, remember a layer of tartan will hide much of the roughness.

Painting time: 10 mins.
Cumulative total: 5 hours 10 mins.

Stage 11

Time was getting tight as it is the night before my game and I need to get them tabletop ready at the least. I raced through the models getting at least a basic colour on everything, finishing the shields in the process. I then cut the shields off the sprues and glued them onto the models. That'll do for a first game.

The additional painting involved getting Codex Grey on the skulls and Scorched Brown on the belts. My recipe for the gold on the shields is Brazen Brass and then a Brazen Brass/Burnished Gold highlight on the far edges. I then coat it with a Brown Ink wash. At a later date I may come back to it and add another Burnished Gold/Mithril Silver highlight and a Chestnut Ink wash for warmth.

Painting time: 45 mins.
Cumulative total: 5 hours 55 mins.

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