Thursday, February 15, 2007

You'll never take our freedom

I've just got back from a few days in Scotland. My girlfriend thinks it was a romantic Valentine's day trip but I was really doing tartan research for my Warhammer Chaos army. Bwa ha ha!


So I have started on my next Warrior unit and I thought I would cover the painting of it in stages for this blog. My plan is to have an update every day over the next five days. Stage 1 is the metal 'highlights' and here is what it looks like on the whole unit, from a distance.

This is a very rough and ready start to the painting process. I slap some GW Chainmail on the raised edges of the armour to represent wear and tear. I try not to do this too deliberately as it doesn't look natural and a good side effect of this is that it is very quick. I also painted some of the belt buckles and other small metal plates while the colour was on my palette.

Total painting time: 1 hour.

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