Sunday, February 11, 2007

The Northmen muster

I've revisited my Chaos mortals army in the past few days and I snatched a couple of pics so I thought I'd share them.

I started with my five Knights, which I had painted to table top standard, but always meant to return to. Unfortunately Games Workshop haven't invented tartan paint yet, so I had to paint all the lines in individually. I suddenly remembered why I hadn't painted them the first time around! I also finished off the trophies, skulls and other paraphernalia on these highly detailed figures.

The tartan was still required on my chariot, both on the horses barding and the drivers cloaks. I did this in orange to match my current general's clan colours. Speaking of characters, I painted up a second sorcerer from scratch. He was a doddle to do and handily fills in quite a few points in my army list.

Once I had the paint jobs sorted I turned my attention to the bases. I added snow flock and static grass. The static grass looked too green on these wintry bases so I dipped them back into the snow flock. Even though no glue was involved it seemed to do the job and the grass was toned down somewhat.

I took the opportunity to base up my new 10 man Warrior squad at the same time, so my next task is to slap some paint on them and get them on the battlefield.

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