Monday, February 5, 2007

Order of Battle, Tactica Imperialis

I've devoured another campaign in Tactica Imperialis, the third in the book. It explores the uprising on Rophanon, an Administratum Charter world. This is a Garden world which is ruled directly by the Priesthood and is a comfortable retirement spot for high ranking members of the Adeptus Terra, as well as a resting place for unneeded data from across the sector. The indigenous population rail against the enforced rule of their Administratum masters and begin an armed rebellion.

This campaign section is good when it is looking at the organisation of the Imperial response to the sedition. It has an excellent two page spread on the Orders of Battle of the Guard, explaining the concept behind the Regiment, and also has some nuggets of info on troop landings (massive anti grav generators mean that troops without drop equipment can be deployed from ships in low orbit!). It's a bit more woolly when it comes to the actual campaign and the maps are once again not detailed enough.

There is a rather novel end to the action which, although it stretches the imagination somewhat, is very 40k.

Just one more campaign to read.

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