Saturday, February 7, 2009

GENERAL: Holy alliance

My latest battle report was again fought against Gary's Chaos Space Marines. I used a combination of Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters to take on the Khornate Daemon heavy traitors. Despite playing this game many years ago I still remember it clearly. Maybe my brain isn't quite as addled as I'd thought.

Speaking of Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters alliances, I haven't really mentioned the outcome of my little poll to decide the army I will play over the coming months. The results were tied at 29% each for Imperial Guard and Daemonhunters.

What are you guys trying to do to me?

Those armies are probably the worst two in the current game. Guard bleed kill points all over the place and have even less close combat prowess than they had in 4th edition. The Daemonhunter codex dates right back to 3rd edition and much of it's wargear and rules have been superceded. Plus I can only use a fraction of the book because I have no Grey Knights.

What to do?

Well, why not use the allies rules from the Daemonhunters book and use both armies at once? It'll certainly be fluffy and I must be able to cobble together a decent 1500 point army out of two armies, mustn't I?

Off the top of my head the things that might be handy against the Daemons will be mystics, some Inquisitor wargear, and the holy trio of the Leman Russ, Demolisher and Basilisk.

Hmmm, some thinking required...

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