Friday, February 13, 2009

PAINTING: Get ready to Assault

Despite the fact that they are unfinished, I've submitted my Assault squad to the Tale of 40k Painters pledge on Warseer.

According to the rules of the challenge I can do this to avoid having to use a joker (I only have one left for the next six months). It means you can make progress on large models or units a bit at a time. It's the one upside to the sheer cost of the Assault Marines in the Blood Angels codex. When this squad is finished it will cost a whopping 300 points!

I'm hopeful that I'll finish the squad entirely during my next painting session which will probably be in around two weeks time. Then I'll move on to either my Terminators or Captain. My Land Raider Crusader will follow shortly after them. That will hopefully take me a lot closer to the 2000 point target of my pledge.

I just need to knuckle down and get some painting done.

Guard conflict rumbles on
I'm still ploughing through my old Imperial Guard battle reports and you can read my latest instalment here. This was another game against Gary's Chaos Space Marine army when he brought his newly painted Obliterators (which, due to a strange quirk of fate, now reside in my own Chaos Space Marine army).

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