Monday, February 16, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Imperial Guard extravaganza!

The big news over the past week came from the Games Workshop Design Studio open day held over the weekend on the 15th February. My main focus is 40k so I'll only talk about that.

GW themselves blogged about the open day as it happened and you can read their take on it here. Philbrad2 provided us with photos of the Primaris Psyker, Ratlings and the plastic Valkyries over on Warseer. Meanwhile, Syph on heresy-online gave us an absolute ton of photos of Imperial Guard tanks, Command Squads and the Land Speeder Storm. Bell of Lost Souls posted pictures which look like they're from a copy of White Dwarf (or maybe from the super secret seminars) outlining the new IG advisors such as the Master of Ordnance and the Officer of the Fleet.

So, just to round up what was revealed:
  • Ratling models
  • Primaris Psyker models
  • Plastic Valkyrie
  • Plastic Cadian command squad
  • Plastic Catachan command squad
  • Imperial Guard sniper models
  • Photo of Master of Ordnance
  • Photo of Officer of the Fleet
  • Photo of Astropath
  • Photo of Commissar Lord
  • Photos of Sentinel variant weapons in plastic (Multi laser, Heavy flamer, Plasma cannon, Lascannon, Autocannon, missile launcher)
  • Land Speeder Storm model
  • Photo of Wolf Guard with Lightning Claws
  • WIP Tyranid Broodlord with Feeder Tendrils
  • WIP Tau Farsight
  • WIP Ork Flashgit
There were also loads of Warhammer Fantasy Battle bits and bobs (such as the plastic Steam Tank) as well as Lord of the Rings things but I'm not so into those games...

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