Friday, February 6, 2009

PAINTING: Play stopped due to light

I'm reluctantly having to stop my painting challenge prematurely.

The natural daylight has now failed completely and the artificial light I have to paint by is just not up to the job. I have slathered Adeptus Battlegrey all over one unfortunate marine and then almost thrown him out of the window in frustration. I found myself stabbing the paintbrush into the deep shadows around the model hoping to hit the bits I was aiming for. Aaaarrrrggghh!

God knows where this leaves me in the Warseer painting pledge - I'll probably have to play another joker.

Not exactly how I would have wished to make my 400th blog entry.

I think I'll bugger off, calm down and try to finish off Dead Sky, Black Sun (only 80 pages to go).

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