Monday, February 2, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Set sail for profits

Warhammer Historical
Trafalgar is released by Warhammer Historical this month. It is 1:1200 scale game of naval engagements. It is written by Mark Latham and you can check out the game developers blog here.

Black Library
The Inquisition War trilogy is in the shops now. It was written by Ian Watson in the eighties and nineties and tells the tale of Inquisitor Jaq Draco uncovering a galaxy spanning plot which will impact upon the whole of humanity. The books sharply divide opinion for two reasons; one is because they were written before a lot of the background material was defined so it jars with the ret-conned 'current' 40k mythos and the second is Watson's writing style. He has a style, you see, rather than the homogeneous Black Library house style we get from every author nowadays. This can be shocking for readers used to the way books are written now. For me this tome is essential even if just to see how damn weird the 40k universe can be.

Blood Bowl computer game
I spotted a new trailer for Blood Bowl over on joystiq. It looks great and I'm particularly happy to see that there will be a turn based recreation of the board game as well as the run about smash 'em version. I'll be getting it for the PSP but you can also get it for the Xbox 360, PC and Nintendo DS.

Games Workshop Interim Report
On the 27th January Games Workshop revealed their latest interim report. According to wiser souls than me who have posted on Warseer GW seem to have stopped the rot; they have reduced their debts and Forge World is raking in the cash. The figures cover the period up to November 2008 so miss Christmas. The report also misses the worst of the economic downturn when companies were going out of business in December in the UK. Still, it's positive news for all of us who wish to see Games Workshop prosper.

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