Friday, February 6, 2009

PAINTING: Black, like death

I've really struggled to blackline these fellas without a decent light. The winter light is failing and I only have my energy saving main light and a small desk lamp for illumination. The replacement lamp is too small to have on the desk so I have it perched up over my right shoulder on a bookshelf. The problem with this is that it creates very strong shadows on the models so I have to sit at a very unnatural angle and keep moving the model around to see everything. I wish I lived in LA.

Anyway, I have blacklined the cracks and crevices in the armour as best I can and painted the jump pack harnesses black. These five models are now in the same state as my first five. I'll try and highlight the black next, if my pot of Chaos Black paint holds out - it's almost empty.

Podcasts listened to: This Week in Wargaming, Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo's Film Reviews, Dice Like Thunder, The D6 Generation
Food and Drink: Water, Vitamin C, Probiotic Yoghurt, Appl, Chicken and coleslaw sandwich, crisps, chocolate, a big mug of tea

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