Monday, May 18, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Pennies from heaven

I haven't spotted any exciting news or rumours over the past week so tonight you get an update on my New Model Fund instead.

I have some eBay auctions up at the moment here. Of possible interest to readers of this blog will be the Wolf Riders anthology, published in 1989 and now long out of print, and the 2nd edition Eldar codex dated 1994. I'm not sure how much these auctions will fetch but at least I have something up for sale.

Despite not selling anything in four weeks I have added to the fund. I banked £11 from my penny jar early in the month. Hey ho, it all adds up.

I've nothing to add to my model wishlist this month as I already had all the new Imperial Guard models on there. I do fancy some plastic though.

Games Workshop are keeping a very tight lid on the Planetstrike expansion considering it is due for release in six or seven weeks, but news of the fortifications terrain has leaked out and I'm very interested. Because they are terrain rather than models and I have had a half finished trench board for years and because I'm hoping to come into a little cash shortly I plan on opening my wallet for a change.

I'm second in my works Fantasy Football league you see and if I'm still there in two weeks time when the season ends I'll win a cool £150. That'll be my budget for Planetstrike which should arrive just as I finish my Blood Angels army, meaning I'll have the time to finish it immediately and it should make an interesting set of articles for this blog.

Here's hoping!

in 2009
My entire Praetorian Imperial Guard army (70+ models).

My model wishlist:

Plastic Cadian Command Squad
Plastic Catachan Command Squad
Baal Predator
Bloodcrushers of Khorne


Warhammer Fantasy
Hell cannon
Khorne Lord on Juggernaught

Other game systems
Epic IG army
Epic Ork army

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