Sunday, May 3, 2009

PAINTING: Blood red Terminators

I've added another layer of red to my Terminators.

The Blood Red really 'pops' compared to the rather dull layer of Mechrite Red underneath but it takes on another level of intensity again when the highlights are added. You might just be able to see that I've added some Blazing Orange highlights to the model far right. I need to do this to the other four then add some Fiery Orange highlights before I can call the armour done.

The armour looks great when finished but bloody hell it takes ages. The Terminators are obviously bigger than a standard marine too and their armour is more intricate. I might regret just counting them as one point infantry for my painting point scores; it doesn't really reflect the work I've put into them. Ho hum.

I just need to look forward to the day I can whack them in a Land Raider and send them into the guts of my opponents army.

Gauntlet 2003
You can read the second game of my first ever tournament here. After my crushing loss to Gary's Dark Eldar I took on an Imperial Guard army.

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  1. out of curiosity, how many layers of blood red do you apply?