Monday, May 25, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Planet-tastic

A day late and nothing earth shattering to report on, at least from my point of view, but we do have some official confirmation of both Planetstrike and Planetary Empires.

Planetary Empires
Planetary Empires is mentioned in the latest White Dwarf (UK 354). It contains 48 plastic hexagonal tiles which are very similar to the Mighty Empires set for Fantasy. The tiles include ruined settlements, roads and spaceports. Hive cities will apparently be available from GW mail order. While not mentioned specifically I can also spy factories, fortresses and cities which can be placed on the tiles.

Although not mentioned specifically in WD I understand the set will cost £30 and will be released in July.

This is trailed in White Dwarf and will be covered in depth next month, but the GW website has lots of new terrain up for advance order. The Planetstrike book will be £15, the landing pad is £23.50, the Bastion is £17.60, the Defence line is £11.75, and the limited edition mines, bombs and booby traps are £11.75. They will all be available from the 4 July along with the Shrine of the Aquila and the Space Marine second wave models.

The Blastscape craters will be released two weeks later on the 18th.

I plan on buying just about all of these models upon their release.

Bring it on!

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