Saturday, May 30, 2009

PAINTING: I've developed a new philosophy... I only dread one day at a time

As I tweeted yesterday I settled in for a marathon painting session and, about five hours later, I had a fully painted Dreadnought.

I had already sorted out the base and drybrushed the metallics so the big job was the red armour. And it was big job! The base layer was Mechrite Red over the Chaos Black undercoat as normal and then I built up the layers of Blood Red on top.

Perhaps because the flat panels were so large, or maybe because I over thinned the Blood Red, the paint went on very patchy and I'm sure you can still see some trace of that in some of the pics. Once I add some transfers it'll be unnoticeable I think.

I painted this model shortly after I painted my Terminators so I used a very similar palette, with the black left fist and the scrollwork and badges the same brown bone colour. This helps tie the elite models, and indeed the army as a whole, together visually. It might also suggest some shared history - could the Dreadnought pilot (called Eluvies, by the way) have been a Terminator before his confinement?

This is now the third Dreadnought model in my Blood Angels collection and it has me itching to field all three together in one force. They may not be earth-shatteringly good on the tabletop but they'll look cool!

So the completed Dread adds five whole points to my painting points tally and brings me up to the halfway mark of fifty for 2009 so far. I'm one month ahead of schedule with my target standing at 100 points for the year which now looks as achievable as ever.

The Dreadnought also helps out considerably for the Warseer Tale of 40k Painters pledge. My total at the moment stands at 1350 points and my aim is to have 2000 points painted. There are only three months left so I need to rack up those painting points! The Dreadnought comes in at 125 points and I also have 115 points to add from my completed Terminators (I claimed half points last month as they were half done). By my reckoning my new total will be 1590. That means I'll have two months to paint 410 points of models. It's going to be tight but it's possible I think.

I plan to paint my Land Raider Crusader next so that will gobble up 255 points on it's own. If I get that done within the next month I will have 155 points to paint in the final month. What will I paint?

My Chaplain Lemartes model is tempting because it is just a single model and will paint up quickly which could be useful if I struggle to complete the Crusader. The downside is that he only costs 125 points and will thus leave me short and he would be the second Chaplain model I have painted for the Tale.

Following the logic outlined above another character model is appealing. I have the Captain model from the Assault on Black Reach box but again there are problems; he would be short on points and he would need to be converted before I could paint him.

I already own all of the other character models such as Mephiston, Corbulo, Tycho and the mighty Dante himself which I bought and painted yonks ago. They are in need of a refresh but it seems a shame not to paint something new when after all the models are totally usable as they are.

Gamewise the best choice to strengthen my army would probably be some more Tactical marines. I could either add five marines to an existing squad or paint up the start of a new squad. Depending on the loadout of weapons and upgrades they might just squeak out the requisite 155 points. The downside to this is the length of time it takes to paint the models. I'm not sure that I could bash out five more infantry in time.

More leftfield choices would include a scout unit (add tactical variety to the army but LOTS more models to paint - at least ten to hit the points target), five more Death Company marines (rock hard models but are ten too many in a 2000 point army?), a Whirlwind (indirect shooting adds something new to the army but only weighs in at under 100 points) or more Assault marines (means I could add a powerfist jump packer but again five models may be too much to paint).

Decisions, decisions...


  1. i love the black powerfist against the red all over, really complimentary colour scheme. Id be tempted not to go too heavy with the transfers as I think it looks great right now. That shot with the termies really shows off your skill. good work!! keep it up!

  2. You're new dread looks fantastic. Well done sir.

    Have you thought about using the AoBR captain for a counts-as model to reach your goal?

  3. I think the new dread looks pretty sharp. I'm down with the black powerfist hand; since you're doing blood angels you don't have a lot of options when it comes to working in other colors to break up the red. Black works, though.

    I figure that Terminators would have the easiest time adapting to a Dreadnought anyway. It's the same layout of smashy hand on the left, gun on the right, and being big and bulky.

    I'd vote on Lemartes for a final as well; he'll get a chunk of what you've got left and he's just plain solid in general.

    Also, don't discount the sheer terror that 2-3 dreads on the field can inspire. A lot of armies can't cope with dreads in assault, so they draw LOTS of fire. Plus, BA get the 'venerable' upgrade on the cheap.

  4. Thanks for the comments people! I'll bear them all in mind.