Monday, June 1, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Gamesday Spain

Games Workshop have done it again!

Three weeks ago following Gamesday Baltimore I bemoaned the lack of news and rumours regarding the forthcoming Planetstrike expansion, as well as Planetary Empires and even the next codex. I was sure that something exciting would emerge from Gamesday Spain but apparently not...

Wolf's Bane on Warseer reported this:

Hi all folks!! I've been in GD Spain this morning. I've been in a presentation made by Robin Cruddace, the new Imperial Guard codex writer. In that presentation, he told about the new things in 40K / fantasy (even a Bloodbowl miniature new launch) until Agoust.

After the presentation, a man from the public ask him about Wolfs. He didn't wanted to say a word about the date launching but what he did tell, was they are working not only in Wolfs but in Blood Angels and Black Templars together other codexes.
After the presentation, I asked him personally about the progress level of the Dark Eldar. It was in that moment when I begun to cry. He told me Jess didn't finish his work, so IF the push them into production right now, AT LEAST, they are a year far.

Before leveling up hopes, he didn't told me anything about the progress level or even a possible date on Blood Angels, Dark Templars, etc.
I didn't asked him directlly, but he didn't mention anything about Grey Knights.

So, in a summary way ... he told about

1. Dark Eldar. At least one year from now. Probably more.

2. Bood Angels / Black Templar. In works right now.

3. Wolfs. Codex finished, send to some translators. (this one didn't told me him)

4. Necron and Tyranids in works.
5. Legion Codexes. They have talk about them, but with no result. Not on the planning.

6. Legend & Heraldry of Imperial Guard. Maybe if the new book for Imperium Legend & Heraldry has good acceptance.

I think I'm not forgotting anything.
PD: I cry very much about my Dark Eldar / Grey Knights bad rumours.

The nugget of good news in there from my perspective is the unexpected possiblity of a new Blood Angels codex. I'd love to see my Marines get an update over their woeful PDF.

No photos of new models came out of Spain which has to be a first, I think. It's all the more surprising then that I got an e-mail from Games Workshop announcing the new Hellhound kit which is coming in August.

The kit includes three variants; the Hellhound, Bane Wolf and Devil Dog.

Although there have been some grumbles about the aesthetics I have to say that I'm a fan and will almost certainly be picking up a kit or three for my Guard armies at some point.

Hot on the heels of the Hellhound announcement pics of the Demolisher kit surfaced.

Both kits are fully plastic and will sell at £30.


  1. so whats new about the demolisher kit? Its still got that shoddy old-school flamer on the front

  2. Well, the turret is a slightly different shape and it's all plastic. Oh, and you do get enough bits to make the Punisher and Executioner instead...

    I already own an old Demolisher so I probably won't bother to get the new kit.

  3. And it's £5 cheaper and weighs less and come with more options - as someone who never got around to buying a demolisher - yahoo!

    Oh and hellhound also has the above benefits (although not £5 cheaper).

    Now, how do I build three turrets for 'swapsies'??