Saturday, June 27, 2009

GENERAL: New Year resolutions update second quarter

It's now been six months since I blogged my New Year resolutions and one half of the year has gone so I thought I'd revisit them to see how I've done.

Finish 2000 points of Blood Angels Space Marines
I've painted about 1700 points and just have half a Land Raider Crusader and one character model to go. They should be finished by the end of July at the latest.

Paint 1000 points of my Ork army

That will begin once the Blood Angels are done in the second half of the year.

Paint a total of 100 points of models over the year (the formula is in this blog entry)
I'm sitting on 50 points exactly halfway through the year. Bang on target!

Completely finish publishing my old battle reports
I'm so close to this I can almost taste it. I have one tournament to finish off and then one campaign and that's it. Easily do-able by the end of the year.

Finish my Blood Bowl league
This is on hold at the moment as I have completely stopped playing games. I'm not sure if or when I'll start again.

Finish my trench board and accompanying terrain
I plan on taking this resolution by the scruff of the neck over the next few months. I'll drop the army painting for a few weeks and blitz the board and terrain with Planetstrike goodies. I can't wait.

Restart my News and Rumour posts
I've kept going with these despite them just being a round up of anything new or interesting I've seen elsewhere on the 'Net. Getting picked up by Bell of Lost Souls was quite amusing even if I wasn't the primary source of the rumours!

Switch domains
I still haven't gotten around to this yet. I usually get billed in the summer so I'm sure that will give me the momentum to sort myself out when it lands on my doormat.

Buy no more Games Workshop novels
I'm going strong on this resolution, much to my surprise. If there was one resolution I thought I would break it was this one. It has forced me to read some of my backlog of books. (Un)fortunately I won two books in a competition so I still added to my 'to read' pile!

Review every Games Workshop book I read and review a broader range of Games Workshop products
I haven't got round to this as I've been busy with other projects. I expect to start properly in a month or two, especially with the full book reviews.

Spend nothing at all on models
Kept so far. I started out strong and then wobbled a bit about six weeks ago when I bid on a load of eBay auctions. Luckily I won none of them. Afterwards I wondered what the hell I was thinking? I have also managed to resist the new Imperial Guard models which was quite a test.

Have £500 in the New Model Fund by the end of year
I'm stuck just short of my target. My time and energy for eBaying my stuff has disappeared. This is a shame because I really am broke at the moment so I could do with the cash - even if it is earmarked for my New Model Fund at a later date. Maybe I need to set some time aside to just blitz my stuff; forget the painting for a fortnight and just sell a pile of gear. Hmmm...

So overall I'm broadly happy with my progress and I hope to tackle a few of the outstanding ones before my next resolutions update.

PS - I have posted my first Gauntlet tournament game from 2005 on my battle reports blog. It was a fluffy clash between my Chaos Space Marines and Dark Angels loyalist Space Marines. Check it out here.

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