Friday, June 12, 2009

GENERAL: Wet and soapy

Another job done. I've washed all of my Catachans and old school Stormtroopers in warm soapy water to ensure all the Dettol was gone. This will hopefully help me out when I get round to painting those models, so the paint adheres properly. Of course it may well be many years before I get round to painting the models but still...
  • DONE - Wash my stripped models to get the Dettol off
  • Write up more battle reports
  • Paint Land Raider
  • DONE - Put transfers on Terminators and Dreadnought
  • Photograph my Blood Angels for Warseer
  • Tidy my games room
  • Read some more Imperial Armour 3 and/or Dark Apostle
Righto, what next?


  1. I had the day off as well, and managed to make a first pass at striping 2 predators, 1 dreadnaught, 1 land speeder, shrike, 3 gw space marine sargents, a 6-man devastator squad, 1 10-man assault marine squad, and 5 10-man tactical marine squads. All of which I bought Monday off CraigsList for $70. I feel your pain, but for some reason I'm tired.
    I'll make the second pass tonight on the plastic ones... but I think the metal ones are done.

  2. Oh, love your blog! Please keep up the good work...

  3. That's some bargain you got there. I might have to check out Craigslist - I've never used it before.

    What's your chapter going to be?

  4. I have a Hawk Lords army. I was going to buy Shrike anyway, so that deal was too good to pass up. I'm still painting my army (here's the color scheme prototype - ), but I play them assault heavy, with a full vanguard squad, small scout squad with teleport homer, land speeders, and a couple of tactical squads in Rhinos for support. I don't use drop pods (because of fluff) and was thinking of pairing a chaplain with one assault squad. Still working out the details…

    Yeah, the CraigsList buy was a steal. Some kid's mom was selling his stuff, and I pounced! I wanted the armor for tourneys and bigger matches, but now with all of the extra tactical marines and two dreadnaughts, I might make a second army or start practicing my green stuff skills.

    Naother option is one I’ve been thinking about doing for sometime now. I've been contemplating building a display base for my Hawk Lords, and I always thought it would be cool to have it depict the Hawk Lords coming to the Ultramarines rescue, probably form Orks (to use up my AoBR orks). Of course, that would mean there would need to be dead Ultarmarines everywhere, and that would just be fun! I guess it all depends on how the stripping goes…

    Hey, I wanted to ask if you use a wet palette technique? Your shading looks cleaner than mine and I’m trying to improve it…

  5. Oh, and ignore the crap Reaper Plate Pail(on the bolter and grenade - it looked better wet). It was just a prototype afterall.

  6. Nice marine. You've picked a tough paint scheme. Good luck!

    I don't use a wet palette at all - I just use washes and several layers of thinned down paint. Of all the tips I've been given down through the years thinning down your paint before you apply it is the best.