Monday, June 22, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Def Rolla, painting tanks, Straken and more. Oh my!

On Saturday night I got an e-mail newsletter from Games Workshop informing me that an Ork Battlewagon upgrade pack would be available from the 1 August. Apparently this was unveiled at Toronto Gamesday.

The bitz pack contains a few of the more popular upgrades missing from the original battlewagon boxed set such as the Def Rolla, lobba, killkannon and a Grot rigger.

As it's a bitz pack I assume it will be mail order only but it is very cheap at less then £8 for the sprue.

I think this will be virtually essential for every Ork commander and I'm sure to pick it up myself when I revisit my Orks in the near future.

New on the horizon, to me at least, is that Games Workshop will be releasing a 'How to paint tanks' book at the same time. Some people have complained that the Imperial Armour Model Masterclass did the same thing but I disagree - I think that book was for very advanced modellers while this one will be aimed squarely at the less experienced. I'd guess it will also use standard GW products rather than the airbrushes, oils and floor cleaners found in the Forge World book. It'll be cheaper too coming in at £15.

I also saw that anselminus posted photos of the Catachan special character 'Iron Hand' Straken on Warseer. He is a country mile ahead of the original and looks great. Again I'd be very tempted to add him to my future Catachan army.

More news is leaking out about the Planetstrike terrain, which I've already started to mentally plan my purchasing for. GW are going to re-release the crashed Aquila lander from the Battle from Macragge boxed set as a standalone terrain piece. There are also more blastscape terrain pieces which include wrecked rhinos and even Land Raiders.

I won't need the crashed lander as I have the Macragge version just waiting to be painted but I will need to have a look at the wrecked vehicles closely before deciding whether to buy them or not. I would think the July issue of White Dwarf which is due out shortly will give us quite a bit of confirmation on these rumours and maybe some more besides.

Phew! That's all I can think of for now...

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