Tuesday, June 9, 2009

PAINTING AND MODELLING: Land Raider Crusader interior

I got an unexpected opportunity to have an afternoon off work on Monday so I came home and started painting. I wasn't really in the mood but I thought I'd try thirty minutes and get at least something done but once I started I didn't want to stop until the whole of the interior of the Crusader was finished.

As you can see, I did just that! I painted the interior in the same scheme as my other Blood Angels vehicles - white with brown shading. This provides a good contrast with the vibrant red of the exterior.

The only difference with this kit was that I used Devlan Mud rather than Brown Ink to shade the recesses. I painted all of the details too such as the seating, keypads and shrine.

My favourite part was the datascreens. I enjoyed painting all the green logic engine screens - very Aliens.

After I'd taken the photos I decided to glue what I had together and leave it overnight. Just for fun I thought I'd line it up alongside my finished Land Raider to see how it compared.

I now need to decide whether to put the Hurricane bolters on the front or back openings of the Crusader. Although I put the Godhammer lascannons on the rearmost mounts on my regular Land Raider, largely for aesthetic reasons, I'm currently thinking I might put the bolters on the front mounts. This will help to make each Raider visually distinct and might also help on the battlefield as it will give the guns an extra inch or two of range.

Anyone got any opinions?


  1. Wow! That instrument panel is awesome.

  2. On Land Raider weapons, the one thing that never made sense to me was having the side doors open right in front of the GUNS. Are you going to stutter-stop the guns just to let the guys inside get out?

    Okay, I can kinda see this for a las-cannon as I presume it has a slow cycle rate rather than being a continuous beam. But for Hurricane Bolters?

    Whereas putting the doors behind the guns means you can disembark not only safe from your own guns, but also somewhat covered by them. Plus a rear-door enlarges the area of where your guys can disembark, meaning it will be harder for an opponent to trap you inside. The extra 1.5" of range are kinda nice too, but I consider this a tertiary effect compared to the others.

    Rear-mounted guns may look more aesthetically pleasing, but just don't make sense. You see the same sort of thing in modern tanks though, where efficiency wins out over aesthetics.

    Dverning, foolishly trying to bring as much logic and realism as possible to a space fantasy game. :-p

    ps. Great looking interior

  3. I can see what dvernings saying there, for logic it makes sense that your guys mount the vehicle from behind the guns. Also, I hear everything works off ACTUAL line-of-sight now so that would give someone somewhere to hide in a sense?? I dont play so im guessing here!!!!
    PS the model looks absolutely brilliant!!

  4. Looking good so far mate!

    I mount all of my raider sponsons in the forward position, for the reasons dverning pointed out.

  5. Looks like I'll be putting the guns up at the front then!

    Although on a gaming point, because you measure line of sight from your models' eyes surely that means you can't shoot if you're behind the gun but can be shot at?


  6. OK I'm going to offer a differing opinion here.

    The mighty LRC exceeds particularly well in one battlefield role: as a taxi for a big squad of badasses you want to make certain reach their target, then hop out and assault. For me, lately, the big squad of badasses has been TH/SS terminators...a full load of 8 of them.

    When you disembark you only get 2 inches from the exit point, and those 2 inch bases eat up available room very quick...so you need the "extra range" that the two front hatches affort if you've got your Hurricane Bolters in the back. It -also- gives you the option to have your assaulters disembark "more to one side" if you can't quite get the "nose" of the LRC in just the right place.

    I guess I tend to look at the LRC as a taxi first and a weapon platform second. And let's face it, any opponent with any sense is going to be far more afraid of a full squad of thunder-hammerin' maniacs than the paltry BB shower the hurricane bolters put out.

  7. Very good points Crusherjoe but they came just too late - I've glued the panels in! Of course as a Blood Angels player I don't have access to those 3+ invulnerable Thunder Hammers :~(