Friday, June 12, 2009

GENERAL: Track wash

Time is getting away from me so I won't have time to photograph my Blood Angels army for Warseer. This also means I can't give you photographic evidence that I have painted some more of my Land Raider.

As the weather was dry I decided to spray undercoat the tracks outside. I have left them on the sprue and I'll attach them to the Land Raider once I've painted the hull.

I drybrushed the tracks with Boltgun Metal. When that had dried I drybrushed a lighter coat of Mithril Silver over the top. I washed the lot with Badab Black. This took a long time to dry so I've only just washed the tracks again with Devlan Mud. Although they're not yet dry I'm going to call them done.
  • DONE - Wash my stripped models to get the Dettol off
  • Write up more battle reports
  • DONE - Paint Land Raider
  • DONE - Put transfers on Terminators and Dreadnought
  • Photograph my Blood Angels for Warseer
  • Tidy my games room
  • Read some more Imperial Armour 3 and/or Dark Apostle
Okay, time for a little tidying.

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