Friday, June 12, 2009

GENERAL: Listing badly

I have a day off work today and a few hours to dedicate to gaming. There are myriad of things I could do so I made a list to keep me focused.

Here's what's on it:
  • Wash my stripped models to get the Dettol off
  • Write up more battle reports
  • Paint Land Raider
  • Put transfers on Terminators and Dreadnought
  • Photograph my Blood Angels for Warseer
  • Tidy my games room
  • Read some more Imperial Armour 3 and/or Dark Apostle
The first thing I've done is publish the first full battle report from the Gauntlet 2004 tournament. You can read it here. It was hard to put together as I've mentioned earlier - it's hard to remember the details of a game you played 5 years ago! I hope it reads okay.

I plan to keep checking back in throughout the day to chart my progress with the other tasks.

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