Friday, May 8, 2009

PAINTING: Terminator highlights can be lowlights

Over the past couple of days I've managed to get in about five hours painting time on my Terminators. I've been concentrating on the armour and building up the highlights. My first session was to complete the second layer of highlights.

Here are the results:

I used Blazing Orange with a little Blood Red mixed in to edge all of the armour. It's a tedious but necessary step to get the effect I want.

The next thing I did was to mix up some Fiery Orange and Bleached Bone in preparation for the final layer of highlights.

Each model took about thirty minutes to highlight. I hope you can see the difference between the two photographs. The sharp highlights really bring the models to life, I think.

So, enthused by my progress, I plan to edge the armour in black and then tidy it up with some Blood Red over the weekend so that I can call the armour finished. Then next week I'll complete the odds and sods like the powerfists and badges to try and get the unit done for the Tale of 40k Painters deadline.

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