Monday, May 11, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Baltimore Gamesday

Baltimore Gamesday took place in the USA over the weekend and I was expecting some details regarding the Planetstrike expansion to emerge given that it is due to be released in early July. However, little concrete information was forthcoming.

dienekes96 attended a seminar held by Matt Ward and the Perry twins and reported the news on Warseer. Other posters chipped into the thread and I've combined everything below.

'No codexes would be left behind.' Any books less than five years old are unlikely to get a release soon but the older books are being worked on.

Planetstrike supposedly has a metal kit and a plastic kit that we haven't seen yet. The new plastic craters may include destroyed vehicles such as the rhino seen in the recent IG codex.

Imperial Armour 8 is definitely confirmed as Elysians versus Orks. The IG will get a Commissar and maybe a light assault vehicle or tank with a Valkrie transporter. The Orks are getting the Battlewagon and Trukk conversion kits which have been rumoured for a while.

Kor'sarro Khan was the only brand new miniature on display and although he looks pretty good he comes without a bike.

Tyranids will definitely not get a codex in 2009.

Not a great deal of ground breaking news there I'm afraid.

Righto, I'm off to the match...

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