Sunday, May 6, 2007

Decadence and exile - selling the Eldar

I had a rummage through my Warhammer 40k model collection and found a cache of Eldar models to sell. These were given to me by my sister a while back, I think, and so the painting quality is not up to my normal standards. Still, most of them are painted to tabletop standards and virtually all of them are metal so they would be easy to strip.

Here are the e-bay listings:
On the painting front, I managed to completely finish the four War hounds and I made good progress on the Marauder Horsemen. I got the base colours on the horses (three shades of brown and an ink wash) and they just need their manes and tails tidied up before I move on to the riders. I'm really hopeful I'll have them finished before my next game.

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