Wednesday, May 23, 2007

The thin red line

I've had a good old rummage through my models and dug out all of my Blood Angels miniatures. I have more than I remembered.

I'm going to list them all here, starting with the painted models.
  • Dante
  • Mephiston
  • Corbulo
  • Chaplain with jump pack
  • Chaplain
  • Techmarine
  • 10 Deathcompany with jump packs, 2 power fists
  • 5 Veterans with jump packs, powerfist, plasma pistol
  • 10 Assault marines with jump packs, 2 plasma pistols
  • Razorback with twin lascannon
  • Furioso Death Company Dreadnought
  • Dreadnought with multimelta
  • Predator Destructor

These models are built and undercoated.
  • 5 Honour Guard with jump packs, standard, plasma gun, Techmarine, Apothecary with twin lightning claws (!)
  • Landspeeder with multimelta
  • Landraider
  • Whirlwind

And then I have some models awaiting construction.
  • Landraider Crusader
  • Techmarine in Servo Harness and 4 servitors
  • 6 Sniper scouts
  • 5 Close Combat scouts
  • 3 Shotgun scouts
  • 1 Heavy Bolter scout
Some of the painted models could do with more highlights, weapon swaps and a bit of TLC in general, but they're certainly table top quality. I reckon, and this is without seeing the final list, I just need to add a unit or two of Tactical Marines and I'll be good to go.

Can't wait for the next White Dwarf.

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