Friday, May 4, 2007

The future is bright, the future!

I've completed my four War hounds, so I'll have at least one extra unit to field in my next Warhammer game. I have moved on to my Marauder Horsemen now, who are all modelled and undercoated. I've spent a bit of time on their bases and I'm hopeful I can at least get the main blocking done on the horses themselves this afternoon.

The rest of this post is just a quick follow up to the last where I talked about the Blood Angels. I came across this rumour round-up on Bolter and Chainsword, compiled by Owl and Moon guy, and thought I'd share it here.

Fluff Changes

* The new fluff will emphasize the BA’s progressing descent into madness and the degenerative effects of their gene flaw. This is mentioned but not emphasized.

Army Special Rule Changes
* BA infantry will no longer automatically receive the Furious Charge special rule.
* The Black Rage will no longer force mandatory movement, i.e. the 1/6 chance of running D6” forward.
* BA infantry units will receive the Combat Squads special rule.
* BA infantry will retain ATSKNF.

Death Company Changes
* DC are no longer mandatory for all BA armies (if you call it that)
* Max DC squad size is 10 models.
* 1 DC marine can be added to the squad for every Honour Guard, Vet Assault, Assault, Terminator, Tactical and Devastator squad in the army (either 5 or 10 man strong, doesn’t matter).
* Point costs of DC models are tied to the contributing infantry squads:
- 30 pts base (i.e. w/o an infantry squad affiliation)
- 25 pts from tactical squads
- 15 pts from assault squads
- 0 pts from terminator squads (i.e. 1 free DC model per squad), VAS and HG
* The infantry unit that contributes a marine to the Death Company will not have to “lose a model” to do so.
* DC marines will retain furious charge, and feel no pain.
* DC marines will not be able to have power weapons but all will gain rending attacks in close combat. This represents the myriad of cc weapons that may be included in the DC squad. You may continue to use DC models that include power weapons and fists but they count as normal cc weapons (w/rending) instead.
* For an additional point cost, the DC squad can be given jump packs, a Rhino or a Drop Pod.
* DC will be forced to move towards and assault the nearest enemy unit unless a Chaplain or Corbulo is within 6”, this rule is aka the “Black Rage.”

Overcharged Engines
* Will be included on Rhinos and Baal Predators
* When employed on a 4+ the engines will make these tanks count as Fast vehicles, moving up to 18”.
* Rolling a 2-3 will allow them to move normally.
* Rolling a 1 will mean that the tank cannot move at all.

Changes to Special Characters and Units
* Dante has an Inspiring Presence that grants Preferred Enemy vs. their current opponent to all BA’s within 12”.

* Corbuolo will grant Furious Charge to all infantry models that start their move within 12” (this is actually the power of the Red Grail).
- Is for some reason still not equipped with a power weapon and cannot take mobility upgrades (like bikes or jet packs).

* BA Librarians will gain new psychic powers
“Wings of Sanguinius”
- If footslogging, the Lib will be able to move like jump infantry.
- If equipped with a Space Marine Bike, will gain a turbo boost.
- Adds +D3 attacks in cc

* Mephiston will be able to use all (3) of his Psychic Powers in the same turn.
- “Wings of Sanginius,” “Quickening” “Transfixing Gaze” & employ his force weapon.
- “Transfixing Gaze” will force all models in b-2-b to make a Ld check. If failed, those models will not be able to attack that turn and will be automatically hit by Mephiston.
- Gains Feel No Pain
- Does not have an INV save.
- Has a very impressive stat line.

* Tycho retains Preferred Enemies: Orks
- No longer has digi-lasers
- Is also not equipped with a power weapon

* Lemartes employs a Death Mask that reduces enemy leadership by -1 within 6”
- Comes with a jet pack and an improved stat line over generic Chaplains.

* Moriar the Chosen has been dropped.
(See the rumors concerning Death Company Dreads below)

Army List Changes
*HQ choices are limited to Captains, Chaplains and Librarians – there is no longer a Snguinary High Priest HQ option (other than Corbulo).

* Honour Guard with same stats as Veterans (2 Attacks base)
- 5-man squad
- Can be given jump packs for 25 pts (+5 per model)
- Will include several character upgrades
- Upgrades include a “tech adept” character along with the other choices.

* Vet Assault units can employ Jump Packs or Rhinos.
- They have 2 attacks on their stat line.
- The can take up to 3 powered cc weapons: power weapons, lightning claws or power fists.
- 5 models base and can be increased up-to 10 strong (and thereby gaining Combat Squads).

* BA Terminators will be limited to 5-man squads, w/one heavy weapon
- Will not gain any other veteran skills.
- Note that there are no teleport homers in the BA army list.
- Can still be deployed via Drop Pods

* All Dreadnoughts will be Elite choices.
- BA dreads will have the option to take Plasmacannons and Autocannons.

* Furioso Dreads
- No longer have the Tear Attack special rule.
- Can be deployed via Drop Pod
* Can be upgraded Death Company Dreadnoughts (+20 points)
- +D3 attacks per turn
- They lose the “ignore shaken & stunned results” special rule
- Must move and attack the nearest enemy.

* Scouts will be an Elite choice with no special cc limitation, i.e. they can all be equipped with the full assortment of scout options.
- Gain S4 Shotguns

* Assault Marines will be a Troop only choice for all BA armies
- A special character not required.
- May not be equipped with Flamers
- Will alternately be able to take Rhinos or Drop Pods (like their DA equivalents).

* Landspeeders will cost the same as in the Dark Angel Codex
- They may have up two 2 tornadoes per squadron.

* BA Whirlwinds will include incendiary rounds.

Other Interesting(?) Changes
* No teleport homers
* No auspex (oh well)
* No Scout Bikes
* Librarians come with Rights of Battle – though still only Ld 9
* Mephiston does not come with Rights of Battle

New Models?
* Some character models will be re-released.
* There will not be any new models or plastic sprues.

Must concentrate on WHFB Chaos army...

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