Thursday, May 3, 2007

Tick, tock, tick, tock...

I plan on posting quite a lot today. I have a day off work and about nine hours to concentrate entirely upon gaming. Huzzah!

The clock is ticking because I have just received the latest White Dwarf which confirms that the Blood Angels are getting a codex 'refresh' over the next two issues. The Blood Angels were my first army in any game system and if ever I am asked which army I play in 40k I always say Blood Angels even though I have owned and played virtually every other army in the game. The only problem is that I haven't used them since the early days of 3rd edition and the models I was using were a mix of RTB01 and 2nd edition 'static' poses. Not very inspiring.

A while back I started investing in the new Space Marine vehicles so that I could create a mechanised Blood Angel force, but something always seemed to crop up before I could start the army (my Warhammer Chaos Horde just the latest). I also felt wary because the mini-codex was so old - the third in third edition, while we are now well into 4th edition. In fact the BA codex is copyright 1998 so it is almost 10 years old. I could never be sure how Games Workshop would update the rules. There would be nothing worse than investing an extra £100 and eight weeks of painting into an army that would never be used.

Now I know I am just two months away from having the new book in my sweaty paws I am salivating at the prospect of fielding my red-armoured marines. But...

I still have at least three units to finish before my Warhammer Chaos army is complete. And I have no money. Minor problems.

My plan, so cunning you could stick a tail on it and call it a fox, is to draw up a 2000 point Chaos army, including all the units I need to finish, and paint up all the models over the next eight weeks. Since this will involve buying some new models for my fantasy army and buying a whole heap of models for the Blood Angels, I need to get busy on E-bay. In fact, I am reluctantly considering selling my Praetorian Imperial Guard army as a way of generating some decent cash. I have never painted most of the models and I am just coming to the conclusion that I never will.

So today I plan to write up my final 2000 point Chaos list and post it here. Then I want to construct and paint as many models as possible. I also want to post some models on E-bay.

Wish me luck.

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