Wednesday, January 7, 2009

GENERAL: 2009 New Year Resolutions round-up

I made four big posts in the last few days outlining my gaming resolutions for 2009. In summary they are:
  • Finish 2000 points of Blood Angels Space Marines I currently have 735 points painted)
  • Paint 1000 points of my Ork army
  • Paint a total of 100 points of models over the year (the formula is in this blog entry)
  • Completely finish publishing my old battle reports
  • Finish my Blood Bowl league
  • Finish my trench board and accompanying terrain
  • Restart my News and Rumour posts
  • Switch domains
  • Buy no more Games Workshop novels
  • Review every Games Workshop book I read
  • Review a broader range of Games Workshop products
  • Spend nothing at all on models
  • Have £500 in the New Model Fund by the end of year
Phew! That's quite a list of resolutions. I'll republish this list at the start of 2010 so we can all see how I've got on.

Dakka dakka
I'm still publishing my Imperial Guard battle reports played way back in 40k third edition. After playing one game against a now obsolete army I played another straight away - Feral Orks. Steve was trying out a new 'guntrukk' tactic with his army. See how we got on here.

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