Thursday, January 1, 2009

REVIEW: New Year Resolutions

This blog post is the third in a series looking back at what I got up to in 2008 and what I have planned for 2009.

Six times a year
In 2008 I began a new feature which I called the bi-monthly book update. This wasn't meant to replace my full book reviews but to give a broader overview of my reading habits. It catalogues the books I've read in a two month period, the books I bought and the books released that are on my wishlist. It also includes mini-reviews; my initial thoughts on books I've just finished reading.

In 2009 I will continue my bi-monthly round ups but I will also make a bigger effort to complete full book reviews in my synopsis/opinion format. I stalled on this in 2008 because I was partway through several series of books (Gaunts Ghosts, Ravenor, the Ultramarines books) and I didn't want to start my reviews in the middle of a trilogy, for example. Of course I never followed through with my idea to go back to the earlier books and review them first.

So I'll just have to bite the bullet and post a review of every book I read, even if this means reviewing the books out of sequence. In the gaps between those new books I will return to the older ones when I can and review those too.

Goggle eyed
By my reckoning I read almost 20 Games Workshop novels and publications over the year, and that doesn't include 12 issues of White Dwarf. I also read lots of other non gaming books and novels. I'd like to make a sizeable dent in my reading pile in the coming year and this will only happen if I reduce the number of books I buy and read more of the ones I already own. So my pledge is to not buy any more Games Workshop novels in 2009. This is a tough ask for me, possibly the toughest resolution I'll make for the year. Gulp.

My other aim is to return to the spirit of my original reviews feature and look at more than just books. I'll try to review miniatures, paints, websites, podcasts and other publications too.

Another day, another Imperial Guard battle report. This one was remarkable as I included Cypher in my force to take on Gary's Eldar.

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