Friday, January 16, 2009

NEW MODEL FUND: Reaches its Zenith

I had a stellar run on the items I sold on eBay before Christmas. They were mainly graphic novels, collected works from 2000AD. The best sellers were three Zenith books. I hadn't realised that due to legal problems none of the books had been reprinted since I'd picked them up in the early nineties and they were therefore as rare as hen's teeth.

Altogether I raked in £116.33. Sweet.

Here's how my New Model Fund stands:
  • Total income from sales (and my penny jar) £743
  • Less models bought £537.12
  • New model fund £205.88
  • Models bought None
It's less than three weeks into the New Year and I'm already almost halfway towards my target of £500. Who knows what treasures I still have lying around my games room?

Another Imperial Guard battle report
It's 4th edition 40k. 2000 points. Imperial Guard versus Orks. Who do you think will win? Find out here.

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