Monday, January 19, 2009

NEWS AND RUMOURS: Inquisition on the far horizon?

Not a great deal happening on the New and Rumours front really, at least nothing too exciting that has caught my eye.

ihadhq posted a link to the Shadowsword box art on this Dakka Dakka thread.

Harry, a regular poster of accurate rumours, has been teasing the folks on Warseer about the future plans for Grey Knights and Sisters of Battle. He stated that there wouldn't be a new codex in 2009 but it wouldn't be too much longer after that. Does that mean 2010? A lot might depend upon the actual release date for the long awaited Dark Eldar.

Warhammer Fantasy Battle
The latest White Dwarf announces that Chaos Chosen heads will be available separately from mail order. They are out in late February and will cost £6 according to Avian in this thread.

Lord of the Rings
Again on Warseer, dax has posted a link to pictures of new plastic Ents.

Games Workshop has put up a teaser trailer for War of the Ring on YouTube. Holy hell, that's a lot of models!

Black Library
Black Library have swapped the time slots for Blood Pact, the latest Dan Abnett Gaunt's Ghosts novel, and Heroes of the Space Marines, a collection of short stories written by numerous authors. Heroes will be out in May while Blood Pact has been pushed back to July. My understanding is that Dan was/is struggling to to get Blood Pact finished in time.

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