Wednesday, January 28, 2009

GENERAL: Which army to lead?

I got in another great game of 40k last night with my Blood Angels against Gary's Chaos Daemons. It's good to be playing games every week again.

I've finally got an after action report on last week's game up on my battle reports blog. Again, this was played with my Blood Angels against Gary's Chaos Daemons. In this game we were playing Capture and Control for two powerful psykers.

The only problem I'm finding with playing my Blood Angels is the lack of units I have painted. Together with my slow pace of painting new models it means all I can do is play pretty much the same army every week.

My solution is to stop playing with the Blood Angels until I've completed my painting pledge in August this year. By then I will have another 1000 points of models to choose from, making a 2500-3000 point army in total. That should give me more than enough choice and stop me from getting bored.

So what army do I play instead over the next six or seven months? The obvious choice is Chaos Space Marines because I've just finished painting all of my models and there are still a few I haven't used yet such as Abbadon and the Khorne Berzerkers. The downside is that I've been playing that army for a good couple of years consecutively already.

I could play my Cadian Imperial Guard but the new codex is coming out shortly. I have Orks and they have their new army list already but some of the models are tired and the paint schemes are poor.

The last, and potentially most interesting is my Chaos Daemons. They would be cobbled together from the models I own but they would be a brand new army that would cost me nothing. And who could resist a Daemon v Daemon smackdown?

Maybe I should start a poll?

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