Friday, January 30, 2009

GENERAL: Let's hunt daemon!

When I talked about which army I should play over the next six months I forgot to mention my Daemon Hunters. I remembered in time to add them to the poll but I thought I should just discuss them a bit in the blog.

My Daemon Hunters don't include any Grey Knights; they are a radical army. They are a ramshackle army cobbled together from a random collection of models but they are well converted and painted. The best thing about playing my Daemon Hunters would be the fluff - what could be a better adversary than Chaos Daemons? I'd also love to get those assassins out again.

The worst thing would be their codex. It's many years old, and came out in 3rd edition if I remember correctly, and doesn't mesh well with the 5th edition rules.

Anyway, I'll let the poll run and see what the result is.

Meanwhile, I've put up another Imperial Guard battle report on my other blog. It was an interesting game against Gary who had been chopping and changing his armies every week. What would he bring to this one?

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