Saturday, January 6, 2007

The army musters

I'm writing this post with twisted and gnarled fingers following the construction of my Chaos Warriors. The bodies were easy enough for my stubby fingers to put together but it took ages to file the mould lines off the weapons. The heads were even worse, and sent me scuttling around on the floor more than once as they acquired a life of their own and leapt from my hands in a bid for freedom.

You may notice from the photo below that I have slightly converted the heads by taking off all the horns. Real Vikings didn't have horned helmets, so neither do mine!

You may also have spotted that the vast majority of my Warriors use hammers and axes rather than swords. This is due to my army background, where the army leader, Sigurt Volsung, has been trained in combat by a (Chaos) Dwarf, and has passed this training on to his followers.

Here is a pic of my previously completed Warriors.

I'll post other photos of my completed units soon, along with regular updates on my progress on the new units.

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