Monday, January 8, 2007

Can't see the 40k wood for the trees? Search The Jungle.

My second link is to The Jungle. This is my inspiration for lone pilgrim in many ways. I first set the website up as part of my university course, using basic HTML. While searching the web for inspiration I came across The Jungle. It stood out because it was so well organised with numerous menus and navigational buttons. It looked original and stood out from all the the others which had the standard 'starfield' background.

The site is run by Kenton Kilgore and he obviously understands the number 1 rule of a webmaster; content is king. The Jungle is absolutely crammed with gaming material. From campaigns to tactics to editorials to army background this site has it all. Kenton updates regularly too, and this keeps me coming back for more. His writing style is easy and conversational and the site is well laid out, using sensible colours, unlike many fan sites. He even has an article on how to build your own 40k website!

I'd encourage everyone to have a good root around this terrific site and be amazed.

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