Sunday, January 7, 2007

Games links

Looking back over my humble blog I noticed I hadn't updated my links. I'll begin to change that, starting today. Over the next few days I'll outline the main sites I use and tell you why I think they are valuable.

The first site I have linked to is the obvious one, Games Workshop itself. The site isn't one that I frequent all that often, as a lot of content is aimed at younger, newer gamers, rather than crusty old veterans like myself. If you don't know your lasgun from your boltgun or why the Horus Heresy happened you can find the official answer here. I use the site for a couple of main resources. The first is for errata. Games Workshop write superbly evocative background for Warhammer 40k and sell some visually stunning models but most people would agree that their editing, proof-reading and rules writing can let them down on occasion. The errata documents aim to put this right.

The other reason I visit this site is to keep up to date with events and tournaments. I went to my first 40k Grand Tournament last year and enjoyed it immensely, so I plan to go to more events in the coming year. The next one in my sights is the Dark Stars campaign weekend.

Back to Warhammer Fantasy, I have just undercoated my new 10 man Warrior unit. Like most modellers I have struggled with priming my models over the years. Most of my problems stem from the fact I live in northern England. I just laugh when people recommend you spray undercoat your models outside. Between rain, wind, snow, sleet, hail, dark nights starting at 4.00pm and extreme cold that would mean I could prime models on two days per year. So I have painted undercoats (too slow), sprayed on newspaper (you end up with hard lines of undercoat on the wallpaper and very angry parents) and sprayed in boxes (you almost choke on the fumes). In the spell between rain showers this morning I tried out a new method utilising double sided tape.

The tape held the plastic models very securely, although I'm not sure how it would cope with metal models. The only problem I had was with the wind, meaning I had to spray at 45 degrees to the models.

Now I just need to get onto the painting.

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